"Everyone ate, 

Everyone laughed, 

Everyone learned!"

   - Patrick Rand

     Pickard School

Here's What They're Saying!

"Thank you for your presentation. It has to be one of the best I have EVER seen! It kept the students entertained and taught them valuable information at the same time"
    -Pam Henk, Hilltop Elementary

​​"T​he presentation contained knowledge and background information on eating well, tasting fruits and vegetables and an understanding on the importance to eating a healthy diet.  This

is a wonderful program that reaches all age levels and presented in a fun and informative manner! We love the Fruits and Veggies

to the Rescue program!"
    - Judith R. Ferretti, Assistant Principal Coventry School

"Thank you for bringing your wonderful program to the Cary Park District Preschool. The children had fun learning about the importance of fruits and veggies. They especially enjoyed dressing up as a super fruit or super veggies and learning the special powers those foods provide.  Thanks for inspiring children to eat healthy!!"

    -Nancy Herbster, Cary PD  Preschool


​"Students have demonstrated an

increased awareness of healthy living choices because of this FANTASTIC


      -Leslie Wise

       STEM Educator Coventry School


“Fruits and Veggies to the Rescue was such a fun program for the children at the Palos Park Public Library.   It was a great way to lead into the discussion about how important eating your fruits and veggies is to staying healthy.  Thanks for a great program; we will plan on having you back again!”
       -Belinda Bylina, Youth Librarian, Palos Park Library

"The children were engaged and excited to try new foods.  I received compliments from parents and children alike.  I offer my highest recommendation.”
     -Allison Bies, Schaumburg Library    


"The Canterbury students loved the Fruits and Veggies to the Rescue! program.  It was a fun, interactive way to send a healthy message.  Staff enjoyed partnering with the program to emphasize the importance of

making healthy choices!"
          -Jen Droho, Assistant Principal Canterbury School

​“We LOVED your classes with us! The boys and girls were all talking about the Super Heroes and the fruits/veggies they tried with you! I know our students learned a lot and had a great time too!  Thank you so much for sharing your program with us! You do an amazing job, teaching with enthusiasm and knowledge that's " just right" for each different level!!”
     -Margaret Carey, Principal  

      Landmark School